Producer of high quality wood smoking chips

and wood LOGS for friction smoke generators


The AWPOL company offers for sales on continuous basis:

  • wood smoking chips
  • wood logs for friction smoke generators
  • wood for smoking

Wood smoking chips

We produce wood chips from the following kinds of wood:

Alder wood - Gold

Beech wood - Classic

Beech and alder wood – Special

Oak wood – Strong

Apple-tree wood – Apple

Cherry-tree wood – Cherry

Each of the above mentioned products is available in our warehouses in three basic sizes:

KL 10, KL 08, KL 04

We also produce wood chips at size KL 02 upon special order, adjusted to garden and tourist smokehouses,

as well chips for older types of smoking chambers at size KL 13.


The AWPOL company, striving for improvement of products quality, has implemented the quality management system and obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
The products have positive opinion of the Institute of Meat and Fatty Industry and the State Sanitary Inspectorate.

Our products hold current expertise of the Chief Mining Institute.

The wood used for production is carefully segregated (sorted) and it complies with the standards determined in the following regulations:


Both the wood chips and functional shavings undergo the drying treatment under the temperature 600°C, at which the spores of mould and fungi are removed as well as the micro-organisms contained in the processes wood mass.

The parameters of the AWPOL wood chips are specified in the Company Standard NZ-1/ZW/2016.

The quality of the products is under permanent monitoring of the plant laboratory.


About the company


The Multiple Company AWPOL means many years’ tradition in production of smoke generating materials. We started manufacturing of the wood chips in 1995. The top priority in our business is to raise the level of quality of our products and to meet the expectations of more and more sophisticated clients.

AWPOL is mostly the family firm located in Wierzchosławice near Tarnów, in the Małopolskie province. The nearby areas are abundant with ecologically clean wood resources of high quality and features perfectly fit to production of the smoke generating materials.

Our philosophy is based on flexibility and unconventional actions which make us increase our production continuously. Our office is practically open the whole day. We are able to deliver the goods ordered by our own transport within a few hours, irrespective of the time of the day.

In order to facilitate and expedite customer service, we are constantly expanding our distribution network around the world.